Tenkar's Tavern chat in the-dungeon-show about Gamer+ from hairylarry's blog

AEIOU posts in the_dungeon_show at Tenkar's Tavern

@Bruce_Lombardo The Dungeon Show has ended its famous run and is already dearly missed.  @Carl Heyl (Wild Games Prod)  has a new project (or a few new ones?) that he's working on.  This space has been subleased for a weekly Monday chat regarding G+ (Gamer+) with @hairylarry .  It's a nascent social media hub that holds considerable promise for the gaming community.

Carl Heyl adds

Gamerplus is something dad and I thought up on the way home from North Texas RPG Con. I hope it works well for people
It's at gamerplus.org

Bruce Lombardo says

I like Gamerplus.

LaramieWall chimes in

Sub-Pexx Laramie will be transitioning this space from Dungeon Show to Harry Larry's new plans .

AEIOU jokes (I think)

Hairy Larry's Nefarious Plan for World Domination would be a good working title for the channel

hairylarry replies

If I had the ring I could rule the world Bwa ha ha ha ha.

I would like both the voice and text chats to be renamed Gamer+
Looks like you can use minus signs (-) so plus signs (+) will probably be ok.

Right now our only event is the Monday night Inspired Unreality Open Game Chat. We plan on having occasional guests and I have an under my hat idea for a monthly podcast as part of this event.

I also have plans for an Actual Play event called If You Play You Win. This would be one offs, jump in and jump out, with rotating DMs. The DM for the session will pick the game system. It would be really cool to have DMs playing their own modules or even their own rule systems.

At Gamer+ we have international gamers and also some early risers and off to work folks so we might experiment with the time slots to include them. Not for Inspired Unreality but definitely for new events.

How's that for riveting dialogue?

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By hairylarry
Added Aug 2 '19


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