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Here's four webcomics that I like and some of them even have something to do with gaming.

I don't like rom com movies much. In fact I don't like movies much. I prefer my TV in small doses. But I do read a lot of coming of age fantasy and science fiction which is kind of close to rom coms. Especially "The Wheel Of Time" which I am definitely planning on rereading, all 14 volumes.

But it turns out that I like rom com webcomics. I guess the dosage is about right.

"Questionable Content" is alternative history science fiction. It's present day but in the recent past Hannelore's dad discovered true AI and built it into robots. So it's a rom com with robots. (Shades of Isaac Asimov) It's actually my current fav and it turns out I must have started it in the middle because when I went to episode 1 to link here I hadn't read it. But there is an AI robot right at the start. Plus rom com. It is a lot different than the more recent episodes but I'm restarting at the top and you can too.

Oh yeah, it's drawn by J. Jacques. And it's 5 days a week.

Dumbing Of Age is a College Webcomic by David M. Willis. This is my latest fav and it's actual contemporary fiction rom com. It has more about cartoons than about games although D&D does get an occasional mention. Big on superheroes too with an actual superhero character who is actually just a shy girl with tendencies towards violence.

7 days a week. Yaaaaaay!

The absolute best webcomic ever is all about D&D with in jokes right from the first episode. The Order Of The Stick is about an adventuring party drawn as stick figures. If you haven't already read this it's a treat. The only bad thing about it is that it's a weekly so I save it for my weekend reading. It's by Rich Burlew.

And my new find is Gunnerkrigg Court. It's also in a school setting but so far not a rom com. Definitely fantasy and I'm not far enough into it to tell you much more. Except that I like it so far. Not sure of the publishing schedule but the art is great and it's drawn by Tom Siddell.

Please add your favorite webcomics in the comments. Especially if they are about gaming.


Inspired Unreality tonight! Open game chat. Our starting topic will be the importance of tradition in life, literature, and games.

Join us every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern there is an invite for you here.

At our last Related To Geeks Podcast we were all present. Megan, Carl, Kier, Sarah, Vivian, and Larry discussing DIY Gaming.

The music for the podcast is from the song "Treehouse" recorded by NJHB and can be heard on Hairy Larry Rocks Funkwhale.

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas, peace on earth, goodwill to all.

Hairy Larry (on Friendica)

hairylarry Dec 20 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: tradition, related to geeks, inspired unreality, games, gaming

Well, today is the last day so it's not too late to check it out.

It's a benefit for the Paragould Children's Shelter. Today you can buy a badge for $5 or contribute directly here.

I played "Goat Crash!" hosted by Will Hose and "Lizard Wizard" hosted by my granddaughter, LizardQueen aka Elizabeth Brown.

And I also attended "Make your own adventures!" hosted by Carl Heyl and featuring panelists, Mike Stewart, Casey Christofferson, and Levi Combs. They discussed the creation of exciting adventures to wow your players and bedazzle your dungeons as well as playtesting, publishing, and marketing.

I also did a bit of hanging out in Discord chatting with other gamers, always the most important part of any gaming convention.

So I am sending out a big thanks to the NEA Gamers Guild for putting on such a fun event in trying times. It got me through another week anyway.

It's still going on. I am now attending "Sarah, Kier and Megan are about to count down our top ten board games for anyone who wants to witness the madness!!!".

They are closing out the Game Fest with "Um Actually".

Gamer+ News February 10, 2020

Tonight! On Inspired Unreality we have two guests, vbwyrde and Pexx. Pexx has info about the Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter. vbwyrde has bee working on his Sci-Fi Campaign, "The Way Of All Flesh". As always this is open game chat, voice and text, Ask Pexx or vbwyrd anything you want (about gaming).

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. We start at 9:00 PM Central every Monday night.

Next week on Inspired Unreality the Related To Geeks Book Club will discuss "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow. More info here.

This is a good book. I am looking forward to re-reading it for the book club.

Hairy Larry


Gamer+ will be hosting the Related To Geeks Podcast on the Inspired Unreality game chat at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord, Monday, September 2, at 9:00 PM Central.

Check out Main or Dashboard for Join links. (and instructions)

We will start with The Geek Agenda where those of us who are Related To Geeks take a minute to reveal our plans for world domination, that is, what we've been doing and what's coming up next.

Then we will smoothly segue into The Geek Topic which will be "Winging It" for September. Discussing The Geek Topic will be open to everyone so come with your stories about how your party went left instead of right and suddenly you were winging it.

After The Geek Topic we will quit recording and go to our usual open game chat where anyone can suggest a topic and all gaming is on topic.

I can't even express how much I am looking forward to this. See you there.

Gamer Space
by Larry Heyl aka Hairy Larry

Here's a concept for an AI gamer space or animation engine for use in any creative project.

A scenery is created for example a meadow with some trees and shrubs. The scenery is created using graphic assets and can be placed by a person or by the AI engine. A camera is set to view the scenery and display it on the computer screen. The camera would have an xyz location and a direction vector. All of this is well established gaming and animation software technology.

Characters are created. An artist would draw the concept for the character. Several faces would be drawn showing different expressions. An animator would draw several sequences, running, walking, jumping, swimming, fencing. This concept art would be fed into a heuristic AI software that would be taught how to animate that character. Additional characters would be drawn and the software would be taught how to animate them.

Monsters and animals would also be created.


I am now going to discuss this technology from a gamers perspective. I think it's potential use in other animation projects will be obvious.

Let's say there are two adventurers warming themselves by a fire while they discuss their plans for storming the castle. Each player's computer screen is generated by a camera that gives their character's view of the scenery, trees, bushes, campfire burning right in front of them.

The DM tells the software that from behind a tree an Orc jumps into view on the other side of the fire. The software animates the Orc surprising the adventurers. They each say "I jump back drawing my sword/axe/etc. The software uses voice recognition software to determine the players intent and generates the animation sequence showing the action. The players screens reflect their change in perspective and the actions of the other characters and  the Orc.

The DM says, "Roll for initiative."


This project is certainly beyond my abilities but I don't actually think it's beyond current technology. The most difficult part might be the parsing of the players language. This could be made easier by having the characters type in their actions but that may not be necessary. I think either way, speaking or typing, the players will have to adapt their language to an English like coded instruction. "I back up 3 steps and draw my sword." could be easily parsed. Players will quickly learn which instructions work and which don't.

The project also requires many skill sets. Artists and animators, graphics, database, and AI coders working together. I think this could be best accomplished as an Open Source project where people with these skill sets could volunteer to contribute knowing that their work would remain free as in libre.

So I am licensing this article CC BY, Creative Commons Attribution. Distribute it freely, enhance it if you wish, but keep my name attached. If anyone ever does start a project like this I would definitely like to know about it.


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