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Inspired Unreality open game chat. Saturday at 11:00 am central. We will be attempting to chat from Eclectic Geekery, Sarah's and Megan's bookstore. Yep! Going to visit our daughters. In their bookstore.

Inspired Unreality is held every Saturday in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Everyone is welcome. For more info and a link go here.

Next week will be the first Saturday in June so our topic will be fantasy and science fiction. Books, TV, Movies, Games, all on topic. It's a broad topic but we'll hone in on your interests. I've been reading "Malazan Book of the Fallen" by Steven Erikson. And it looks like I'll be reading it for quite a while.

Last week we answered the important question, Do Hobbits Drink Hot Chocolate?

After several discouraging searches concluding that Middle Earth has no chocolate I finally found the result I was looking for.

I mean after all how could the hobbit mommys get all their little hobbits home for elevenses without serving a nice mug of chocolate?

In case you've been noticing twitter in the news lately that mastodon link below is a twitter alternative.

I hope you've enjoyed the Gamer+ News. Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

Last week the Shirrif was plodding on to town and Ari cast detect magic on him. All the ribbons on his pony as well as his hat and the feathers in his hat glowed with fey magic. Caper thought, "Interesting" and he also thought the Shirrif's stout little pony might make a good gift for the Jenkins kids.

Ari explains aura colors to Caper. Red means blood, white means blind or a child, no aura means the human doesn't care about colors. Ari said the Shirrif had no aura which didn't surpise her.

They continue along the trail and coming to the top of a ridge they see mist filling a field that opens up before them, evening light glinting off the dewy roof of a distant cottage. (from Scenery On Your Long Treks d12 table)

They walk through the field towards the cottage and Ari, feeling like something might be wrong here recommends caution. Tude's fur ruffles up on the back of his neck, a sure sign of danger.

Caper suggests they drink some farseeing tea so they can see through the windows from a safe distance. He quickly gathers twigs and builds a fire boiling water in the teapot from his hiking pack. Ari sprinkles in some of the tea and Caper tends the pot while Ari looks around, wondering.

Caper pours two small cups and Ari without thinking stirs her tea with the silver wand from the fairy, King Groad, that enhances teas and potions. After putting out his fire Caper is quickly running about exploring the house through the windows and open door from a distance of about 100 feet. He can tell the house is empty and in some disrepair.

Ari, however sees something completely different. Lost in the mist are human men, women, and children. Ari starts making notes in her notebook for future reference.

She glances up and notices Caper sneaking into the house with Tude following ready to protect him. In the cottage Caper finds a lavishly illuminated tome chronicling a time when the Commonwealth was a wild land of barrow-kings and bigfolk. (from the Heirlooms Of The Estate d10 table)

He can't wait to show Ari the book and rushes out to her. Ari glances at the book but she is more concerned right now with the lost souls in the mist. She describes them to Caper who can't see them.

Ari suggests that Caper finishes the tea and gives it a stir with her silver wand. Caper chugs tea straight out of the cold pot and now Caper sees the people too. Ari asks if Caper has brandy and Caper grins tapping his hiking pack.

Ari thinks the minimal amount will help Caper move the people out of the mist and away from here. Caper says he'll take the minimal amount which is usually one good chug followed by another. Ari says take half the minimal amount and then lead the women and children out because we don't want a lot of dead bodies which is where this could go.

So Caper takes a wee nip and then starts playing his flute and dancing with the children in the mist. When he leads them across the field they follow enchanted by his flute. The women follow the children and the men follow the women and soon Caper has them all heading across the field toward the path with Ari and Tude bringing up the rear.

There are seven kids, five women, and six men that follow them out of the mist. Some of the men are younger, without whiskers yet, but full grown.

Ari now sees from the trail another even bigger cottage that is also unlived in.

The people still have no clue about where they are. Some of them gripe and complain about the people running a village. They all calm down and start to get along after fussing awhile. Caper says the fussing is a good sign that they have returned to normal. Big folk are always fussing.

Ari is determined to make sure that the people she's with go a different direction. She's afraid of danger to them. They could be hurt, killed, or locked up.

Caper wants to examine this bigger cottage that appeared on the other side of the path. He can't wait to see if there are more books for Ari stuck up on a shelf somewhere. He still feels the effects of the farseeing tea and he's checking out what he can see from here on the trail.

Join us on Inspired Unreality tomorrow morning at 11:00 Central. Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Saturday morning at 11:00 in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's there's a link for you here.

This week is Bring Your Own Topic. All gaming is on topic. Have you had a few ideas rolling around in the back of your head? Feel free to join us and talk about them. Board games, card games, RPGs. They're all on topic.

And as for last week! Did you know Milyagon was near a Shire? If you can make it safely across Wilken Woods and cross the river there be Hobbits.

We used Shire friendly dice tables found in the Hearth & Hillside Home.pdf, a name your own price download.

First we rolled up elevenses from the Sweet Treats table. Caper rolled Tart rhubarb pie with clotted cream and an extra flavour that everybody either loves or hates and Ari rolled Sticky honeycomb fresh from the tallest oak this side of Woolshod Hill which Caper had recently rescued from the bees.

As a good hobbit would, Caper suggested they follow up on elevenses with Breakfast for Dinner. Caper rolled Spicy sausages with flavours from the distant empire of Man and Ari followed up with a still-twitching boiled crab that always goes for the nose. So sausages and crabs it was after Caper detwitched the crab with a single blow.

Unable to eat any more Caper suggests a walk through the woods to enjoy the sun. Before they get out of town they meet weary halfling travellers trekking into town wearing the scandalous fashions of a distant March. In fact their garb is brightly colored and entirely inappropriate for the shire. They said some fairies had played a trick on them changing their sensible clothes for this rubbish.

Ari escorted them into a second hand clothes shop where Mr. Muffin, the owner, assured them all he could arrange an exchange for more suitable attire knowing that the brightly colored clothes would sell well when caravans of men and women passed through town. No accounting for the tastes of men. Brightly colored scarves just assure that you'll be seen in the woods.

After walking a short way out of town Ari and Caper met a well-groomed pony with courtly ribbons, plodding under the weight of a pompous Shirrif and his tall feathered hat.

The Shirrif was complaining about the fairies who he said, "Tied the ribbons to my pony and gave me this stupid hat."

Caper said, "Mr. Muffin will trade that hat for a better one and he probably knows where you could trade the pony for a sturdier horse."

They talked on for a while, as one does well met in the woods, and then Ari and Caper continued their hike while the Shirrif plodded on to town. As he left, Ari cast detect magic and all the ribbons as well as the hat and the feathers glowed with fey magic.

Maybe we'll find out more on Inspired Unreality tomorrow. Or maybe you have something to talk about or a game you'd like to play. Or both? Could be.

Please forward this email to your game playing friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

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