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Creating your own magic items, spells, worlds
Inspired Unreality beginning topic

There are three levels where magic can be created
The writer of the game or of a module or setting for a game can create magic
This includes all the spells in the players handbook to a specific item created for a quest or module
DMs can create magic tailored to their table and their game
So instead of looking in a book for a magic item the DM can instead imagine a new magic item out of whole cloth
And, for me the most interesting is a player character creating magic during game play
So a dwarf can go to a forge and create a magic weapon that is needed to complete a quest
Or a wizard can occupy himself entirely with spell creation
The creation of magic by player characters is a little dance between the PC and the DM
The DM calling for dice rolls during the creation of the magic
And then, of course, the dice rolls to test the magic during play
Untested spells would have a lower reliability level so are more difficult to successfully deploy than tried and true spells
And the first time a wizard tries a new spell he better not roll a 1
Or he opens himself up to the DMs imagination as to what could possibly go wrong

Unfortunately it is not a guarantee that a die will comply with a
command not to land on a 1. Crossing fingers probably won't work

I think rolling 1s is more fun than rolling 20s

I'll try to remember that. Maybe I can wish into exsistence many 1s for
you to enjoy.

Is a wish a type of spell?

As a matter of fact. The problem is it's not reliable.

Meaning maybe it doesn't work at all. Or maybe it works but you don't
really get what you're wishing for
Or worst of all you do get what you wished for but it wasn't really what
you wanted (be careful what you wish for)


or perzackly - where's the spell check for imaginary words

LOL in your noggin.

for that we need a spelling spell

Hmmmm where's Webster at when you need him?

Djini's are magic creatures that grant wishes

OH? how many of your wishes have they granted?

If you tell your djinn that you wish you could spell better
you will find yourself spelling better correctly and mispelling every
other word
Better iz teh enema off gudnough

Go figure!

you get the idea


If wishes were horses beggars would ride

Only if they can saddle it, well maybe if they ride bareback and don't
fall off.

or is the wish for a horse and the tack

You mean presaddled and ready to go?

Wish is the mightiest spell a mortal creature can cast. By simply
speaking aloud, you can alter the very foundations of reality in accord
with your desires.
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Gamer+ News June 22, 2020

Tonight, at 9:00 PM Central, on Inspired Unreality we will be talking to Vivian Heyl about family games, how to play DnD with kids, expecially your kids. Please join us in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Inspired Unreality is an open game chat. Everyone is welcome.

Last week at the Related To Geeks Book Club Megan and I talked about "Circe" by Madeline Miller. We both liked "Circe" and we're going to read Miller's earlier book "Song Of Achilles", another fantasy novel based on Greek mythology.

Then we decided on the books for the next three months.

July 20 - Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson
August 17 - Armada - Ernest Cline
September 21 - Gilgamesh

The Brandon Sanderson book is licensed Creative Commons. Sanderson discusses what this means here.

"Warbreaker" is available for free download on Mobi, epub, and pdf formats are available.

I've done a lot of work on the Related To Geeks website, integrating it into Gamer+ and reposting photos and links to Gamer+.

Here's the photos.

Here's the links.

And here's the website.

I also posted a Related To Geeks Podcast about House Rules.

Join us tonight on Inspired Unreality. It's going to be a good discussion.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News June 8, 2020

The Inspired Unreality open game chat is tonight at 9:00 PM Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Our opening topic will be character classes in fantasy gaming. Are you an elf, a dwarf, a ranger, a paladin? What characters do you like to play and why do you like to play them? Tell us some stories about your role playing history. Everyone is invited. All gaming is on topic.

I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller. It's delightful. We will be discussing "Circe" next Monday, June 15 at the Related To Geeks Book Club. Still plenty of time to read it and join us.

Have you ever played The Battle For Wesnoth? Here's some Wesnoth artwork in the Tabletop Inspiration group.

I just posted a Related To Geeks Podcast called Board Game Resurgence. It's a blast.

Read Appendix N at the Internet Archive. No, not the list. The books.

"This list of fantasy books was drawn up by the late E. Gary Gygax toward the end of the 1970s. While formalizing the advanced rule set for Dungeons & Dragons, a game he created with Dave Arneson, Gygax added an appendix to his Dungeon Master's Guide listing the books that inspired him to create his fantasy role-playing game."

That's it for now. Stay in touch and keep on gaming.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News May 11, 2020

Tonight at 9:00 PM Central is open game chat on Inspired Unreality. Everyone is welcome to participate. All gaming is on topic. Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Our initial topic for tonight is Wizards Creating Spells, how does a DM deal with a creative wizard?

Next Monday the Related To Geeks Book Club will discuss "Neuromancer" by William Gibson. This cyberpunk classic is available on the internet library at There's still time to read it before the book club discussion.

Also available on the Internet Archive is the rules for the game "Neuromancer".


Yesterday was Mothers Day and my granddaughter's birthday so the Related To Geeks crew spent the day in virtual visits and sharing special videos while we all stayed home. It was great. Not as good as it should have been but still, great.

Our favorite blogger and podcaster, FollowMeAndDie, has been doing everything he can to stay healthy during the pandemic only to discover that he has cancer. He discussed revising his plans on his podcast and blog. Please check in with him. All prayers that he will be fine. Best to you, brother.

If you are reading this in your email the newsletter is also posted in a Gamer+ blog post. Please share this link to pass it on.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News April 27, 2020

Tonight at 9:00 PM Central! Open Game Chat on Inspired Unreality. Held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Tonight's opening topic is Dungeons vs. Wilderness. Do quests need both?

Everyone is welcome at Inspired Unreality. All gaming is on topic.

Are you into 3D printing? Show off your miniatures, props, scenery, and terrain. Share tips and links to diy info and downloadable STL files. Join our 3D Printing group.

FollowMeAndDie posted Episode 179 - Space Battle In Stars Without Number.

He says "In last night's session of the Stars Without Number campaign, A Plague of Angels, we had more of the combat that started the session before. I got to roll for shots by allied & friendly NPC ships VS. enemy ships and I rolled a ridiculous amount of 18, 19, & 20, plus decent damage."

I'm going to leave you with one more link. This is the Gamer+ RSS feed featuring some of the creative work posted by Gamer+ gamers.

Take care and stay well,
Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News April 13, 2020

Join us at the Inspired Unreality Open Game Chat tonight at 9:00 PM Central. The topic for tonight is Cool Monsters. Let's face it. Some bad guys are just cool. What are some of your favorite monsters from your gaming? Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkars Tavern on Discord.

I have to admit this topic was inspired by FollowMeAndDie who posted The Ray Harryhausen Creature List, a video montage of Harryhausen monsters from the movies.

Next week for Inspired Unreality we will host the Related To Geeks Book Club. We will be discussing "The Darklord of Derkholm" by Diana Wynne Jones. I've started it. It's one of those children's books that's for adults too. Very entertaining.

ZDL has been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse by stockpiling spirits to fight those Zombie Apocalypse Blues.

JesseQ joined the group, If You Play You Win, reminding me that we should host some online games during the lockout. If you are interested in running a game, playing, or both here's the link to the group.

When Carl started posting pics of the new miniatures he's been printing it inspired me to build a new table for my 3D Printer and get back to slicing and dicing. Also I started a group for 3D Printing where we will discuss all aspects of creating your own miniatures for your table. We'd love to see your photos, recommendations, tips, paint jobs, etc. Join the group and post your favorite miniatures.

Celebrating Easter we had a family game day, Quaranteaster, yesterday on Discord. So from all of us, who are Related To Geeks, to all of you, "Happy Easter."

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News April 6, 2020

Inspired Unreality hosts the Related To Geeks Podcast tonight at 9:00 PM Central. We will be in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you have never been on Tenkar's Tavern I have an invite for you on the Gamer+ website.

Check out Carl's Adventures in 3D Printing. He's scaling his miniatures and painting them. Lookin' Good.

I moved my 3D printer into my office and I've printed a few new miniatures too. It only took a moderate amount of carpentry work to fix the table for the printer.

FollowMeAndDie has started a Twitch stream for his Roll20 For The Absolute Beginner videos.

Join the conversation at Gamer+. Make a comment or start your own topic. Let us know what you've been doing.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News March 30, 2020

Tonight! Open Game Chat on Inspired Unreality held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Opening topic for tonight is time as an element of gameplay. How do you use time to make your campaigns more interesting and exciting.

FollowMeAndDie has brought this important announcement to our attention.

"Table Top Events the online convention scheduler for a lot of conventions is in danger of folding. They are running an online con to raise money to try and stay afloat. Variable cost to badges. Even if you don't run or play a game, you could help."

I uploaded a dozen public domain images of fantastic fantasy creatures drawn by Michel Lienerd in the 1800s.

Gamer+ is now running on a new server. We had a few hours downtime but everything came back up fine and we seem to be good. Let me know if you notice anything askew.

Hairy Larry
Gamer+ News March 9, 2020

Open Game Chat, tonight on Inspired Unreality at 9:00 PM Central. The opening topic for tonight will be Cool Magic Items. As always anyone can introduce a new topic and all gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held every Monday night at 9:00 PM Central Time in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkars Tavern on Discord. If you are not a member of Tenkars Tavern there is an invite for you on the Gamer+ website.

Last week on the Related To Geeks Podcast we discussed Favorite House Rules. It seems that D&D is a game that cannot be played without house rules.

Carl posted some pictures from his B/X game.

I like the bunny looking thing in the second photo.

FollowMeAndDie continues helping gamers everywhere with his video about Roll20 and his podcast about building a Card Deck.

With the Corona Virus spreading around the world I have this gamers health tip. Practice safe roleplaying. Don't share dice. Besides, I heard that letting someone else roll your dice sucks all the luck out of them. And don't shake hands. Just come and sit at the table and roll your own dice. Then you should be ok. (Please take this advice with a grain of salt. I Am Not A Doctor!)

Stay in touch. Message me on Gamer+ or send me an email. Post your links on Gamer+ and I will include them in this email.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News February 24, 2020

Inspired Unreality Open Game Chat starts tonight at 9:00 PM Central. Our initial topic is Pets and Familiars. Anyone can start a new discussion. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never joined Tenkar's Tavern I have an invitation for you on Gamer+.

Last week Megan and I discussed "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow at the Related To Geeks Book Club. We are picking our reads for the next quarter now. Your suggestions are welcome. Here's the Gamer+ group where we discuss what we are going to read.

FollowMeAndDie posted several links. I'm going with his YouTube announcement. "I just passed 45,000 total views on YouTube and one video is over 20,000 views!"
And here's his page so you can catch up on his blog posts and podcasts too.
I found The complete pets D&D thread by Dungeon Master Ewington.
DM ‘You open the chest and find treasure inside.’

Cat: ‘I empty the chest of everything.’

DM: ‘You take out all the treasure.’

Cat: ‘I get in.’

DM: ‘What?’

Cat: ‘I get in the chest and close the lid.’

DM:. ‘Okaaay’.

Cat: ‘-and wait for a sneak attack.’

DM: (sighs)...

More here.


Open Game Chat Tonight on Inspired Unreality. You're the guest and the host. Everyone is welcome.

Hairy Larry

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