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I have added a new question to your profile page, My blogs, vlogs, podcasts, websites.

So click on you avatar or username and add your stuff. These links do not have to be game related. Of course, if you have a gaming blog, vlog, or podcast we all want the link.

You can also post the link to your company if you are a publisher, artist, cartographer, writer or other creative.

Also if you post these links in Links on the top menu they will appear on the Main page until they scroll off. And they will appear in the sidebar on your profile page. These are good. But there's nothing quite as good as having your links front and center. Click on your name. See your links.

Starting a new project? Putting it on the web? Running a Kickstarter? Add the links.

Here's the link to my profile where you can see how this looks.


Gamer+ News September 9, 2019

Inspired Unreality happens tonight at 9:00 pm Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Tonight is open game chat. There has been a lot of discussion about online RPGs on Gamer+ so our initial topic will be "Running an online game". If you haven't noticed I always pick something I want to learn about for the initial topic.

As always you can suggest your own topic or just talk about whatever you want to. All tabletop gaming is on topic, board games and card games as well as RPGs.

Next week we will have a guest, Mr. Welch aka TheGlen will join us to discuss Mystara, Mr. Welch's list, and gaming in general. Yep, it's Ask TheGlen Anything (about gaming), September 16 on Inspired Unreality.

Last week we recorded the Related To Geeks Podcast where Megan, Carl, and I discussed the topic of "Winging It". Sarah and Vivian joined in when they could in text chat. Here's the link.

You can now add RSS feeds to your profile and to your Groups. Using RSS feeds you can automatically get your latest posts, podcasts, or videos to display on your profile page. If you don't know what this means message me on Gamer+ and I'll try to help you out with it.

Thanks to Tenkar for this Tenkar's Tavern blog post about Gamer+.

He has some good ideas on how to improve the site and he also sent a lot of new gamers our way with our total membership now nearing 120.

Which leads me right into my weekly rant.

This week I'm asking for your help to grow Gamer+. If you have a blog add us to your blogroll. If you're a podcaster or video producer give us a mention and add a link to your show notes.

The best way to link to us is to link to your profile. Gamers who follow you want to go to your profile, not to the front page of some website they don't know anything about. At the bottom of your profile is a text box explaining how to do this. There are also detailed instructions here.

We also have some banners on our Gamer+ Links page.

And if you have a blog, podcast, or video channel we are not already promoting in our footer send me a message or just post your link. We want to add your gaming content to our RSS feed.

Hairy Larry

email -

Join Gamer+ at

Ok, if you scroll down you can see what I've been working on right above the banner in the footer of each page. The left hand box is an aggregated RSS feed including blogs, podcasts, and videos made by Gamer+ gamers. The right hand box is a link list to the home page of these blogs, podcasts, or video channels.

There are so many creative people here doing so many things I wanted to feature their work. By reading, listening, and viewing what they do you will get to know them better than you can just browsing Gamer+.

I have ideas to make this better. I'd like to put up a page that's a categorized link list with all the links in one place instead of just 12 at a time. So if you're looking for something to read you can check the Blogs category, if you want to listen while you're cleaning your office (lol) you can check the podcast category.

If you have ideas to improve this project or others please post them below in the comments.

It's really a big world out there and nobody has time to check out all the creative work that even some of us do. I can't even keep up with what my kids do! So after you listen to a podcast or watch a video give it a mention here on Gamer+. That will give others an incentive to make that connection.

And if you have a creative gaming endeavor, even if it doesn't have a feed, please post in the comments. I am going to devise a way to include links to projects that aren't feed friendly like fiction, art galleries, or other major projects.

hairylarry Aug 2 '19 · Tags: help, meta, podcasts, video, links, blogs

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