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The last Inspired Unreality of the year is on Saturday, December 3, at 11:00 AM Central. We will be discussing Fantasy and Science Fiction. We've got opinions and we hope you do too. I just finished "Harrow The Ninth" by Tamsyn Muir and now I'm in the middle of "This Is How You Lose the Time War" by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. We are making viewing arrangements for the new "Willow" series. We're all big "Willow" fans, here.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. There's more info and a link here.

FollowMeAndDie posted a video and a blog.

"In my latest blog post I discuss the Saint Mark Turnip Festival invented by my players."

"My Latest YouTube Video: Mastodon For New Users - Twitter Refugees is live on YouTube."

I post my Mastodon link at the bottom of every Gamer+ news.

My daughter Megan has been giving me advice on new Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. She says, "Readers are the best people because they see the world through many sets of eyes. They know both that their experiences are not unique and that no one sees the world in quite the same way as them."

And I posted the video of Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians live at Blues Fest, 2022.


Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry
Join us for Inspired Unreality open game chat on Saturday, November 19, at 11:00 AM Central. All gaming is on topic and the opening topic will be Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. There's more info and a link here.

Follow Me And Die posted about his twitch stream called How To Mastodon For Twitter Users - Keep in Touch with fellow TTRPG folks with the possible demise of Twitter.

You may have noted my Mastodon link in the signoff of these emails. I've been communicating in the fediverse for years. Mastodon is open source software run all over the world by businesses and hobbyists. I think it's about to achieve critical mass whether Twitter survives or not.

The fediverse is decentralized so you kind of have to shift gears in your head. Other apps besides Mastodon can communicate with Mastodon users, for example you can share your Peertube videos to Mastodon accounts and the replies somehow end up on your Peertube account.

Very interesting.

I posted 15 brilliant color fantasy illustrations from "The Russian Story Book" drawn by Frank C. Pape. Published in 1916 the illustrations are public domain.

Here's a joke I posted in the Newsfeed.


A priest, a pastor and a rabbit entered a clinic to donate blood. The nurse asked the rabbit: “what’s your blood type?”

“I’m probably a type O”, said the rabbit.


I get plenty of those.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

Saturday morning at 11:00 Central join us for Inspired Unreality open game chat. There's no starting topic this week so bring your own topic, all gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you haven't been to Tenkar's there's a link here.

Last week Viv and I were joined by Alan and Peaktime for our Inspired Unreality open game chat. We mostly talked about computer programming, discussing recent projects and looking at what programming languages are hot in game development.

Peaktime is working on a character generator for BX, Alan is compiling a list of 2nd Edition wizards spells, and I am working on the Plain Text Blog. I think we enjoy programming as much as we do gaming.

I am glad to report that the Main page has stayed up all week. Sure is fun not having to worry about Gamer+ errors.

When we last left Ari and Caper in Milyagon they were talking to the Jakobs, a family of seven, Jake and Liz, and their five kids, baby Ameira, Will, Bill, Cassie, and Sandra. In keeping with my contention that every NPC deserves two sentences we did a little writing so I'll have something to work from the next time we play. Not only did we capture all seven family members we also described a lot of the interactions that make a family work.

Here's some of it.

Sandra seems restless, always shifting her feet about. In spite of Liz's careful plaitwork Sandra's braids remained unruly. She is constantly active, grooming the horses while talking and jesting.

Cassie was her sister's shadow but she couldn't be more different in her pretty blue dress and her braids falling over her shoulders. Her eyes dart about keeping up with everything that's happening.

Bill and Will were often mistaken for twins. Will was big for his age and almost Bill's size. They were both healthy, ruddy, and husky with a glint of wit in their eyes. Bill is headstrong and doesn't understand why he can't do everything his sisters do. Will is more likely to heed his parents strictures partly because he sees the trouble Bill gets himself into.

Ameira, the baby, is almost a year old. She is a beautiful baby with blue eyes and golden curls. She is not, however, an easy baby to care for, her troubled nights have kept both Liz and Jake awake in the campgrounds.

There's more but overall it's as compact as what you read here.

ZDL joined Discord! And when she updated her profile I noticed she is also on Mastodon. You may have noticed my Mastodon link in my signature at the end of Gamer+ News. Like Gamer+, Mastodon is an alternative social network. Highly recommended.

Please forward this email and share this link.

Hairy Larry

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