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When you get notified about a Newsfeed story there is a link to that story in the email. It looks like this.

But where can you find that link. ZDL pointed out that the timestamp is the permalink.

It might say 3 minutes ago or it might say Yesterday and a time or Nov 1.

Click on that link and it will go to that Newsfeed story on it's own page. Copy the address bar to get your link.

Or right click on the link and Copy Link Location from the context menu.

Thanks to ZDL for helping me figure this out. I never realized that the timestamp was the link.


hairylarry Nov 3 '19 · Comments: 4 · Tags: help, link, meta, newsfeed

Your profile is your most important page. This is where you let other gamers know what you're interested in. You can get to your profile or other gamers profiles by clicking on the username or the avatar. On a person's profile page you can message them, send a Friend request, or follow them.

Your profile can optionally have The Wall. On a wall there are no replies or likes. The discussion on the wall just continues from what was entered on the wall before. A linear thread so to speak.

Newsfeed posts have the header NEWSFEED above them. Newsfeed posts can be made from a profile, the dashboard, or main. Newsfeed posts have likes and comments. So they are a little bit more like Facebook than The Wall. On the Newsfeed text entry boxes there is a triangle made from several lines in the bottom right corner. You can use this to resize the text box so you can see more of your entry. When you click in a Newsfeed text box a camera icon and a Send button appears. Since you hit Send to make your post you can hit enter in a Newsfeed text box and post several paragraphs. The Newsfeed posts also have a smart link feature. Post a link on it's own line and Gamer+ will follow that link and try to provide information about it below the post.

Both The Wall and Newsfeed posts show you the camera Icon. Click on this to add a picture to your post.

The Dashboard has fewer posts than Main. I think it's mostly your friends or people you follow. Main shows a lot more posts and it also has a left column where it shows recent activity in other areas of Gamer+ like Photos, Videos, Groups, Events, and Links. Some of these areas in the left column allow you to sort the items differently to change what you see. The default is always Latest or most recently posted. Most of the areas in the left column also have action buttons at the bottom of the area allowing your to View All, Add New or Go to.

Although this seems like a lot to digest and takes a while to figure out I do want to reassure you that on Gamer+ no one is tracking you and trying to figure out what you ought to read or trying to increase your engagement. There are no algorithms at work behind the scenes and unless you choose differently you will see everything with the most recent activity at the top. Newest first.

One more thing about your profile. If you want to invite someone to view Gamer+ or post a Gamer+ link to your blog or website there is no better spot to send them than your profile. At the bottom of your profile page there are instructions on how to create a link. If you post links to your profile on social media or other websites you will be helping Gamer+ grow.


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