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Tonight on Inspired Unreality Ari and Caper continue their work on Caper's Songbook. We have the opening verses for Caper's song of reckless spending called "Wee Will". Here we go.

Wee Will

Wee Will was born
with nary a coin
and his parents had naught neither
His Ma said
Will is gonna be rich
but no one would believe her.

But then one day
Around mid may
Will tripped and skint his knee.
And what did he see
buried under the tree?
'twas the shiny glint of gold.

Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold,
Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold.

Wee Will brought the coin
to his Ma at home
and they were rich as kings
with stars in his eyes
he looked to the skies
and dreamt of his favorite things.

His ma went to town
and the wheel goes round
she paid her bill and then she
loaded up on groceries
like she had no worries
and was left with just a penny.

Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold,
Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold.

Of course we need more tales of Wee Will getting alternately rich and poor.

So drop by tonight
And help us write
The song of reckless spending.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more info go here.

Since we started on Caper we'll end on Caper.

In our 5e family game on Friday Caper the Giant Killer slew another Giant Beast or I should say Caper set the trap and the party beat the daylights out of him and his troll minion. It only cost Caper 5 gold to get a plaque hung in the inn with the giant's sword saying This Giant was killed by Caper the Giant Killer and Company. Caper is a halfling Bard and in the music business it's all hype.

And that's the Gamer+ News of Caper, my favorite D&D character who I have played longer than the age of some of my grandkids playing in the game.

Let me know about your favorite D&D character.

Hairy Larry

hairylarry Aug 15 '21 · Tags: bards, d&d, gamer+, news, songs
Welcome to Inspired Unreality open game chat, tonight at 9:00 PM Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern there's a link for you here.

First on the agenda tonight will be working on Caper's song of reckless spending, a favorite of proprietors in gambling houses everywhere Caper goes. So far I've got something about the wheel goes round but we're going to hammer it out tonight and I need your help.

Last week Alan joined us and we talked a bit about SF and Fantasy books and a bit about writing, discussing our current projects. Alan is working on his Ember module called "Mine". I have run it once at ARRPGCon and once online and it was fun both times.

He will tell you about The Chronicles of Ember here.

I am reading Rebecca Roanhorse. Her novel, "Black Sun", is a Hugo finalist this year and deserves to win. (Although I haven't read any of the other finalists yet. They probably all deserve to win.) She also writes YA Fantasy stories based on Navajo mythology. More here.

And I posted another chapter for my book, "Setting Up A Twitch Studio - Using Tech Creatively" called Backup Overview and Strategy. Yeah, I know. Boring. But essential!

Come to Inspired Unreality tonight to help Caper finish his song of reckless spending. One more page in Caper's Songbook, soon to be a minizine resource for bard's everywhere.

Spread the word.

Hairy Larry


A bard's songbook is like a magician's spell book in that it contains words of power, songs for wind, songs for rain, songs to make the fire burn hotter and warm the room, songs of companionship to warm the heart.

Ari and Caper worked on Caper's Song Book last night on Inspired Unreality.

First we worked on a list of songs.

Song to make people dance
Song to make people alert
Song to make people like me AKA the opening numbers
Song of reflection

Song of hope

We renamed Song to make people alert to

Song of perception
tin tin aree tin tin aroo
look about look about could be you
jump about jump about one and two
tin tin aree tin tin aroo

and we wrote the lyric.

To be sung by the whole party twice through to increases alertness and perception.

The bard leads the song. The party sings it twice around. Just that helps. Some DMs may give pluses or advantage on perception and other pertinent rolls.

We had a great time and I look forward to filling in more blank pages in Caper's Song Book in the future.

Next week, Monday, August 2, is the first Monday of the month and we will be discussing Fantasy and Science Fiction literature.

hairylarry Jul 27 '21 · Comments: 1 · Tags: bards, d&d, osr, rpg, songs
A bard's songbook is like a magician's spell book in that it contains words of power, songs for wind, songs for rain, songs to make the fire burn hotter and warm the room, songs of companionship to warm the heart.

I'm reading "The Broken Sword" by Poul Anderson. As they set sail to the frozen north he writes this.

"Let us away," said Mananaan. He and Skafloc stepped into the boat from the small dock and raised the glowing sail. The man took the steering oar while the godling struck a chord on his harp and sang:

  Wind I call you, old, unresting,
  from the deeps of sea and sky.
  Blow me outward on my questing,
  answer me with eager cry.
  From the hills of home behind you,
  out through shifting leagues of sea,
  blow wind blow! My song shall bind you.
  South wind, sea wind, come to me.
  Come to set my vessel free.

At his music, a strong breeze sprang up and the boat surged forth into waves of cold and green that threw salt spray onto their lips.

 - Poul Anderson, from "The Broken Sword"

I'm working on a song book for Caper. A song for wind, a song for rain, a song of warmth, a song of companionship, a song to give you courage.

If you have suggestions for Caper's book please leave them in the comments. Or if you have favorite bardsongs from fantasy literature or gaming point the way.

Or join us tonight at Inspired Unreality as Ari and Caper work on Caper's song book. Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night in the Gamer+ chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. More info here.

Monday week will be August 2, the first Monday in August so we will be talking about fantasy and science fiction stories. If you enjoy great fantasy literature like "The Broken Sword" please join us. And join us tonight to help Caper fill his song book.

I was talking to Carl about the witch's chicken scratch that we are inventing to fill Ari's teas and potions book that Tude found and he come up with the perfect name. Wikkenscratch. As in, "He held the book sideways and upside down but it didn't help. Scratching his head he complained, 'I can't read this wikkenscratch'."

And Megan helped me come up with a subtitle for my new book. "Setting Up A Twitch Studio - Using Tech Creatively". The subtitle hints that the book is actually more than a twitch how to. In fact, the book will apply to almost any creative endeavor where technology is part of the picture.

Robert S. Conley posted a blog, "The one I write about the popularity of RPGs and the explosive growth of digital sales. Using numbers from DriveThruRPG."

So do you have a new blog post, vlog, or podcast about gaming? Let me know.

Hairy Larry


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