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This is from Gamer+ Inspired Unreality, July 29, 2019. My suggested topic was Fantasy Fiction but we spent more time on the soon to be released World Anvil for Lost Worlds. Actually kind of closely related.


First suggested topic - fantasy fiction. All gaming is on topic. Anyone can suggest a topic.

I'm reading Stephen Brust, the Vlad Taltos series. I'm on Jhereg, the first book. Currently 15 books in the series, 19 planned.

Stephen Brust - he's a musician.

In the Brust there are two kinds of magic, witchcraft and sorcery. Witchcraft is spells. Sorcery is reaching for power and projecting your will.

There is also teleportation, psionics, telepathic communication, familiars, all in their own coherent systems.

I think it would be a great foundation for a gaming world.

There's a fandom wiki -

They say "Dragaera is a fictional world, the setting of a number of books by Steven Karl Zoltán Brust. It is inhabited by two major intelligent species, generally known as Dragaerans and Easterners, as well as several other races such as the Serioli, cat-centaurs, and the gods."

So you can see; races, classes, two types of magic, two styles of combat, rapiers and swords, perfect for a gaming world.

And I'm only on book 1.


My friend, the librarian, recommended this series and I'm enjoying it. He also plays jazz bass and I enjoy that too.


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