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Gamer+ News June 8, 2020

The Inspired Unreality open game chat is tonight at 9:00 PM Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Our opening topic will be character classes in fantasy gaming. Are you an elf, a dwarf, a ranger, a paladin? What characters do you like to play and why do you like to play them? Tell us some stories about your role playing history. Everyone is invited. All gaming is on topic.

I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller. It's delightful. We will be discussing "Circe" next Monday, June 15 at the Related To Geeks Book Club. Still plenty of time to read it and join us.

Have you ever played The Battle For Wesnoth? Here's some Wesnoth artwork in the Tabletop Inspiration group.

I just posted a Related To Geeks Podcast called Board Game Resurgence. It's a blast.

Read Appendix N at the Internet Archive. No, not the list. The books.

"This list of fantasy books was drawn up by the late E. Gary Gygax toward the end of the 1970s. While formalizing the advanced rule set for Dungeons & Dragons, a game he created with Dave Arneson, Gygax added an appendix to his Dungeon Master's Guide listing the books that inspired him to create his fantasy role-playing game."

That's it for now. Stay in touch and keep on gaming.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News May 25, 2020

Memorial Day. Tonight on Inspired Unreality open game chat we will be remembering the dead. Player characters you have played that have died.
Join us in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.

Next week will be June so we will be having the Related To Geeks Podcast.

Speaking of podcasts Carl turned me on to the latest Save Or Die episode, The Myth Of Old School Exceptionalism.

FollowMeAndDie says "10 episodes of my podcast have passed 100 plays each. I have more than that that are close to 100 plays." and he invites you to listen. You could be the one hundredth listener.

And the first episode of the Related To Geeks Book Club is up on Anchor. Megan, Larry, and Datum discuss "The Tower Of The Elephant" by Robert E. Howard.

In case you're not getting the big picture here, ZDL started the Tabletop Inspiration group "for sharing pictures that can inspire ideas for places and characters in tabletop role-playing games.  Come share your most inspiring images, with or without commentary as you see fit!"

I added some public domain artwork from The Violet Fairy Book. Please share images that have inspired you in your role playing.

What gaming have you been doing lately? Let us know. Send me links or post on Gamer+ and I will include you in this newsletter.

And come tonight to Inspired Unreality to remember player characters passed.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News May 18, 2020

I finished "Neuromancer" by William Gibson this morning just in time for the Related To Geeks Book Club tonight. We will be meeting in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern at 9:00 PM Central. This is an open chat, if you like Gibson or cyberpunk as a genre you are welcome to join us.

I posted our first episode about "The Tower Of The Elephant" by Robert E. Howard on Anchor.

ZDL started a group called Tabletop Inspiration. She says "This is a group for sharing pictures that can inspire ideas for places and characters in tabletop role-playing games."

Megan started a new Youtube series called Indie Five where she does quick reviews of indie video games.

As always let me know what you've been doing. Stay in touch and stay well.

Hairy Larry


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