Milyagon Players Handbook from hairylarry's blog

Milyagon is a locale for OSR or Wizards and Heroes.

Milyagon is a small village upriver from the southern seaport Canyanban. It used to be a military fortress and it still maintains substantial wooden walls with a large gate and several smaller entrances. Outside the gate on what used to be the parade grounds is a trading fair where area farmers and craftsmen peddle their wares.

Guard towers set at each corner of the fortress. There is also a lookout tower on the High Bluffs and an even larger tower on Telescope Hill, remnants of military history.

On fair day people come from miles around. Trade is brisk and business is good. Gold greases the wheels and the wheels keep turning.


- Mayor Bannych is former military and a good man in a pinch.

- Sherrif Slykver is slick in fact and not too crooked.

- Tyad Miggles the innkeep is amiable and well off.

- Yon Rogar the smith is big and he looks dumb, but he's not.

- Thom Kellych the shopkeeper is wiry with a sharp eye for profit.

- Marantha is the apothecarist. She has a strong nose and a nimble mind.

- Jon Rogar runs the docks. He's as big as his brother, Yon.

- The priest, Durward, leans toward greed and gluttony.

- The witch lives north of town. Many say her potions work fine.

- The keeper lives on a pension below the tower on Telescope Hill.


The woodcutter in Wilken Woods cuts statues and totems as well as firewood. His statues are very lifelike especially in the moonlight. Sometimes a young whippersnapper will tell tale about how one of them came to life at full moon and he killed it. The older folks pay no heed because the legend is no one has ever bested one of the woodcutters animated statues.

No one doubts the witches potions. Her herb garden is small but immaculate and she knows exactly what poisons she's growing as well as what tea eases cramps or kills pain. She has been known to help girls after a rape and the legend is that after she took care of the girl she would take care of the rapist too.

This quest by Larry and Vivian Heyl is licensed Creative Commons Attribution. Images public domain.

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