Text chat from Discord - July 15, 2019 from hairylarry's blog

Some stuff I wrote about Milyagon during the Gamer+ Voice and Text Chat at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.


Vivian and I are writing modules and we are using OGL monster stats, etc. We put them in a separate zine

So now we're writing a little background story to get our next module started.
It's about the Milyagon witch.

So the background story sets up the problem and then when the player characters get involved it becomes a sandbox.

We've been cowriting on Gamer+ and on another social network I wrote called Collab. It's a ground up design specifically for a cowriting game.

I think the background story will help with player motivation.

We didn't really have that with Caves Of Doom. The characters come to town and hear about the Caves Of Doom which coincidentally happens to be the modules title so they know that's where they need to go.

So our modules are one offs. It could be you could run several consecutively to make a campaign. If we write more than two (which I plan on doing).

There's a woodcutter story where the town's woodcutter also sculpts figures that come alive at night.

And there's telescope hill with a tower and a telescope run by a pensioner called the keeper.

The blacksmith, Yon Rogar, is also turning into an interesting character. He also makes weapons and trades in them.

Last week I did the Delta Jazz Workshop. I'm still recuperating but you can tell I'm itching to work on these modules.

There's a bunch of Rogars. One at the docks. One at the stables. Big family of non farmers.

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