Where to post if you're looking for feedback from hairylarry's blog

Doseyclwn asks "Where is the appropriate place for me to place work on a module/adventure and get people to comment on it?"

If you click Blog in the menu and add a new blog with your module text and a request for comments that will appear in the Newsfeed and gamers will be able to comment. Then I would also go into the Writing Modules and Module Assets Group and post a link to the blog again asking for feedback. That would probably have a longer life in the view of those interested in writing modules. You can also message gamers you know who DM or work on modules and ask them if they would take a look and give you some feedback.

I think this can be generalized to many situations besides writing modules, basically anytime you are posting about a project hoping to get feedback.

Another advantage to posting as a Blog is that you can add tags which gives another search path to discovery for those interested.

I started writing this post on the Newsfeed but when I realized that it needed the tags, meta and help, I copied it and posted it as a blog.

Blogs also have the advantage of that Edit button making it the preferred way to post anything longer than two paragraphs.

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