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Ari and Caper met the Jakobs, Jake and Liz, and their five kids, baby Ameira, Will, Bill, Cassie, and Sandra on the road to Milyagon. While visiting at the Witch's cottage Ari got to wondering about whether they had arrived in Milyagon yet. She had become attached to the children and thought she might be able to help them.

Jake and Liz named their first child Cassandra hoping to call her Cassie but everyone called her Sandra instead. So they named their second child Cassie.

Sandra seems restless, always shifting her feet about. In spite of Liz's careful plaitwork Sandra's braids remained unruly. She is constantly active, grooming the horses while talking and jesting.

Cassie was her sister's shadow but she couldn't be more different in her pretty blue dress and her braids falling over her shoulders. Her eyes dart about keeping up with everything that's happening.

Jake and Liz named their first boy William hoping to call him Will but everyone called him Bill instead. So they named their second boy Will.

Bill and Will were often mistaken for twins. Will was big for his age and almost Bill's size. They were both healthy, ruddy, and husky with a glint of wit in their eyes. Bill is headstrong and doesn't understand why he can't do everything his sisters do. Will is more likely to heed his parents strictures partly because he sees the trouble Bill gets himself into.

Ameira, the baby, is almost a year old. She is a beautiful baby with blue eyes and golden curls. She is not, however, an easy baby to care for, her troubled nights have kept both Liz and Jake awake in the campgrounds.

Jake tends horses and he hopes to start a breeding business with the herd of seven horses he has brought north to Milyagon. He wears a knit cap he can pull down over his ears and he meets everyone with a grin. He's lean but muscular enough that you can tell he work's hard caring for his horses.

Liz's countenance radiates a composure that is remarkable in light of the chaos that surrounds her. She controls her girls with a look or a hand sign that Ari quickly learns to copy. A wave, a nod, or a flip of the hair is all it takes to tell the girls what to do next.

The big news this week is that the Main page is back. Thanks to ZDL for reporting the outage. I got right on it and tried everything I could think of and eventually the offending post scrolled off the page and the site fixed itself.

So great? But also ???. I am still looking into migrating to Open Source Social Network which is being currently maintained, has a better mobile app, and offers paid support. When I get a test version up and running I will post a link here in the Gamer+ News for anyone interested in helping me test it.

I am glad that Gamer+ fixed itself because that takes the pressure off and I can take some time with the migration. My music composition lessons start next week so once again I will be a little bit too busy.

Saturday, January 15, at 11:00 AM Central, Inspired Unreality continues in it's new day and time. Some of the regulars are noticing the transition. Last week it was just Vivian and I so we continued in our Ari and Caper adventures in Milyagon. They have left the witch's cottage and are back in Milyagon where Ari and Caper are visiting with the family they met on the road. We named all the kids and Mom and Dad too so now it's my job to write a couple of sentences about each.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Saturday morning at 11:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you haven't been to Tankar's there's a link here.

Today is Vivian's birthday. I'm just adding this here to rub it in. Vivian has been role playing longer than I have in fact she was a DM before there was D&D. As Arimeth with her cat, Tude, she and Caper are building out the Milyagon locale. By cat we mean mountain lion. Tude comes up to Ari's waist which means shoulder high on Caper the halfling. It's kind of cool having a mountain lion nuzzling me in the face.

I love Gamer+ which has chat and messaging. I am also active on Discord at Tenkar's Tavern, Megantopia, Family Chat, and on my music server, hairylarryland. Here's a link to the HairyLarryLand Discord server.

But if you want to get in touch with me email is the thing. I check my email several times a day and I check everything else several times a week and I don't always get every message then.

So, forward this email. Share this link. And send me an email.

Hairy Larry

It came to me in a flash this morning. I will run Gamer+ on my home server. That way this instance can continue running until I have the new Gamer+ install stable. And this instance can remain up as a read only archive of everything posted. I will blog the project here.
Inspired Unreality open game chat tomorrow, Saturday January 8, at 11:00 AM Central. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Everyone is welcome to come chat about games.

Last week was Fantasy and Science Fiction and I did some short readings from the Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance illustrating my idea that every NPC deserves at least two sentences. There is nothing like short descriptive text to help the DM portray the NPC in a believable manner. Jack Vance is a master.

Thanks to Ducalisto for joining us at Inspired Unreality open game chat.  We discussed fantasy and scifi gaming systems.

The main page at Gamer+ is down. I have been working on it trying to resolve the issue. I've also been adding occasional posts trying to scroll the issue off the screen. So far no luck. Somebody needs to roll luck for me.

All the other pages are working fine. You can still post and read other people's posts, comment, etc. It's just the Main page that's not working.

So as well as trying to fix Gamer+ I have also been looking into changing platforms for Gamer+. Oxwall is a good platform for computers but the mobile app is poor at best. In today's world most people prefer to use their phone so I would like to upgrade to a platform with good mobile support and good tech support too.

Any suggestions? I have been looking into the Open Source Social Network. I have also used Elgg but I don't know how good the mobile support is on Elgg. It will be work to change platforms so I want to do my research up front.

We got a domestic robot. I for one look forward to serving our robot overlords. But until then scrub that floor.

Vivian and I played an Ari and Caper in a Milyagon game yesterday. The brownies made Ari a wreathed hat out of wildflowers that acts like a love charm. The Milyagon witch gave Ari a basket to keep it in so it's not "on" all the time.

Vivian also filled in a lot of back story about Ari and Tude and set us up for an encounter with a family she met on the road.


Hairy Larry

I wrote a new program called Plain Text Blog and it is what it says.

Install the program and put your text files into the text directory and it all becomes a blog with permalinks, rss feed, table of contents, and automatic link detection.

It's cool.

Here's Hairy Larry Writes using Plain Text Blog.

I rely on it.

This is the last Gamer+ News of 2021 and the first Gamer+ News on our new schedule. I bet a lot of you were wondering why you didn't get the news last Monday. Well, here it is! Now on a Friday.

Tomorrow, Inspired Unreality open game chat at 11:00 AM Central is in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. It's the first Saturday of the month so this week our topic will be Fantasy and Science Fiction.

If you haven't been to Tenkar's Tavern there's a link for you here.

I am re-rereading The Lyoness Trilogy by Jack Vance and in this rereading I am getting a lot of tips for DMs as well as for writers. Join us to discuss your favorite Fantasy and Science Fiction books, games, movies, etc.

What I got for Christmas.

Carl gave a stack of magazines to each family. I also got two nice carnivorous plants from Kier. I'll post pics of those after I paint them.

I added a photo gallery with the magazine covers.

In with the magazines were five copies of Swords & Wizardry Light, written by Tenkar, a Gamer+ gamer and proprietor of Tenkar's Tavern home of Inspired Unreality.

Bembo the Barbarian.

Questionable Content is a rom com webzine with robots. But for the last several days Jeph Jacques has been drawing Bembo The Barbarian and it's a hoot.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

We're on Christmas Break! No Inspired Unreality until January when we'll start the New Year discussing Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I will be changing the time for Inspired Unreality to earlier in the day on Saturdays. Probably 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM. Please weigh in. January 1 is right around the corner. Here's a link to Gamer+ and my email is below.

I am also looking for DMs interested in hosting a one off with only me as the PC. This can be in any game system and doesn't have to be, but could be, at the time specified for Inspired Unreality. I would record these actual play sessions for the DM and possibly for a Gamer+ podcast. Since there's only one PC, character creation can be quick. If the game hosted has unusual rules or other quirks the DM can explain them as we go. I like to set goals so.

Goal 1 - have fun
Goal 2 - Gamer+ podcast
Goal 3 - Introductory material for the DM and the game

Let me know if you're interested. I have several DMs in mind. If this happens on Inspired Unreality it will be monthly at most. If you prefer another time I'll work with you.

I have been enjoying ZDL's series of posts based on Georges Polti's The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. This is the kind of thing that can really help DM's create dramatic tension. Here's a link to her latest.

Vengeance taken for kindred upon kindred.

I graduated Saturday and those who are related to geeks gathered here for my graduation party, birthday parties, and chicken enchiladas. Continuing our traditional Christmas Festivities we had Cookie Day on Sunday, the day when DMs and players gather, not for role playing, but for cookie baking. I mean it ain't a good game without snacks, right?

Please forward this email to your friends. And share this link.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,
Hairy Larry

Tonight on Inspired Unreality we have a guest, VB-Wyrde of Elthos. He will be chatting about his game Elthos focusing on character creation and what makes Elthos different.

I think we'll actually roll up a few characters to see how it works. If you are interested in Elthos or just exploring new RPG systems in general I'm sure you will enjoy Inspired Unreality tonight.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night at 10:00 PM Central in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more information and an invitation to Tenkar's go here.

ZDL has started a series of posts she is calling "The Thirty-Six" reflecting on Georges Polti's "The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations". She has links to the original version and the modernized take.

Dramatic Situations get right to the heart of what I love about role playing so I'm looking forward to these posts and to getting acquainted with Polti's work.

Thanks ZDL. I'm as excited as a podcaster.

One of Thirty-Six from ZDL's blog

Two of Thirty-Six from ZDL's blog

Three of Thirty-Six from ZDL's blog

Follow Me And Die posted a blog about Grave Growth. If you're like me and you don't know what grave growth is he explains in his first sentence. "The flowers and other flora that grow on graves is called Grave Growth." He then goes on to explain how to use grave growth in a game.

Modern day grave growth includes glass jars holding plastic flowers.

Pete Seeger also covered grave growth in his song "Where Have All The Flowers Gone".

And since I've cleverly segued into music I have a personal announcement to make. I will be taking my second degree, a Bachelors in Music Composition this Saturday. Since I'm retired I don't expect this to change my career. Especially since my retirement hobby is writing and playing music. But, I did the work and now I'm getting the degree and I'm trying not to break my arm patting myself on the back.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends. And share this link.

Hairy Larry

Hi and welcome to this first Monday Gamer+ News where for once I am totally prepared.

Tonight at Inspired Unreality we will discuss fantasy and science fiction. Our opening topic will be Jack Vance, his writing and his contribution to D&D. I've got a refresher post here.

The fantasy of Jack Vance.

Vance won the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 1984.

The Dying Earth features one of the greatest fantasy antiheroes of all time, Cugel the Clever. The Dying Earth setting also hosts other stories full of other antiheroes.

The Lyonesse Trilogy, Suldrun's Garden, The Green Pearl, and Madouc. Madouc won the World Fantasy Award in 1990 and contains the most delightful fey adventure ever written.

There's more. Follow the link.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invite for you here.

Follow Me And Die! posted "When Wizards Die" to his blog. As always his thoughts on the matter are wide ranging and comprehensive. It's a recommended read and it reminded me of Jack Vance which led to the post above and the topic tonight.

So after I read that I noticed a link to Medieval Demographics Made Easy and I clicked over to that.

The booklet is fantastic not only as a guide to medieval demographics but also as an example of how to put together a fantasy supplement that is useful and entertaining.

Thanks to S. John Ross and Follow Me And Die.

Next week, on Inspired Unreality, VB Wyrde will be hosting a one off set in his fantasy world, Elthos. I am looking forward to that. See you then and also tonight! for fantasy and science fiction, with the opening topic, Jack Vance.

They say that word of mouth advertising is the best which is great because it's all we can afford. Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry
Tonight on Inspired Unreality we'll have open game chat. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic. We have been working on Caper's Songbook, Ari's medicinal teas, and a dice table of RPG chat topics.

Inspired Unreality is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more info and an invite go here.

Next week is the first Monday in December so our topic will be fantasy and science fiction. With all the new releases on video and in the theaters we should have plenty to talk about. Of course, we could also talk about books.

And then, on December 13, VB Wyrde is going to DM a one off in Elthos. The only thing better than talking about RPGs is playing RPGs so we are bringing actual play back to Inspired Unreality. I am also entertaining the idea of guest hosts so if you would like to lead a discussion about your favorite topic let me know and we will schedule you in.

Important Saturdays in December.

Dec 18 - Hairy Larry graduates, again, this time with a Bachelors of Music in Composition.

Dec 25 - Christmas

Jan 1 - New Years Day (ok, not technically in December)

The important thing to note is that this leaves all our Mondays clear for Inspired Unreality. Open game chat will continue on Monday nights through December with no  holiday hiatus necessary.

And now about Thanksgiving.

As noted our family games this Thanksgiving were Doodle Dice and Qwirkle. What games did you play? The comments remain open.

And then immediately following Thanksgiving.

Same players, different game. On Friday it was Theatre of the mind at our house and on Saturday, with miniatures, visiting our Foster kids.

As above the comments remain open for any role playing you experienced over Thanksgiving.

And at the top of the Gamer+ Gamers feed we find Radio Grognard By Glen Hallstrom discussing Be Yourself (or Not).

It's a short listen and well worth it. He discusses distinguishing NPCs. Not all gruff dwarves are the same. Maybe they're worried about their family at home or maybe they've been held prisoner.

This is similar to a couple of things we've been discussing on Inspired Unreality. "Every NPC deserves a Couple of Sentences" and "Are all Taverns the Same?". As a way to distinguish a tavern in a players memory try for some actual color in the barkeep and the barmaid. If your barkeep and barmaid are exactly the same as they were in the last tavern you visited then maybe all your taverns are the same.

In our Friday night family game we visited a tavern and the barkeep was a lady and she was also the mayor of the town and she sent us on a quest. We remember her.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

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