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Tonight on Inspired Unreality our opening topic will be Befriending Monsters. Are all monsters evil? Can this be a viable strategy for the party? And how should the DM react to a player character communicating with the monsters that are put there for the party to fight? Should module writers include befriending monsters as an option?

As always Inspired Unreality open game chat is held Monday nights at 9:00 in the gameplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic. If you haven't been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invitation for you here.

Are you into webcomics? I wrote a blog post about four of my current reads hoping to find more in the comments.

The Save Or Die Podcast has been on an interview streak lately with recent guests, Darrold Wagner, Jennifer L. Holm, and Jason Charles Miller. Hosted by Gamer+ gamers, DM Chrispy, DM Carl, and DM Courtney it is the OSR podcast you don't want to miss. Disclaimer: Carl is my son and one of the founders of Gamer+. Courtney is my daughter in law.

And while I'm promoting my family I want to invite you to Megan's Twitch stream where she plays games with friends and family. And sometimes she just talks, mostly about streaming.

What are your current gaming projects? Let me know and I will be happy to post a link in the Gamer+ News.

Hairy Larry

Here's four webcomics that I like and some of them even have something to do with gaming.

I don't like rom com movies much. In fact I don't like movies much. I prefer my TV in small doses. But I do read a lot of coming of age fantasy and science fiction which is kind of close to rom coms. Especially "The Wheel Of Time" which I am definitely planning on rereading, all 14 volumes.

But it turns out that I like rom com webcomics. I guess the dosage is about right.

"Questionable Content" is alternative history science fiction. It's present day but in the recent past Hannelore's dad discovered true AI and built it into robots. So it's a rom com with robots. (Shades of Isaac Asimov) It's actually my current fav and it turns out I must have started it in the middle because when I went to episode 1 to link here I hadn't read it. But there is an AI robot right at the start. Plus rom com. It is a lot different than the more recent episodes but I'm restarting at the top and you can too.

Oh yeah, it's drawn by J. Jacques. And it's 5 days a week.

Dumbing Of Age is a College Webcomic by David M. Willis. This is my latest fav and it's actual contemporary fiction rom com. It has more about cartoons than about games although D&D does get an occasional mention. Big on superheroes too with an actual superhero character who is actually just a shy girl with tendencies towards violence.

7 days a week. Yaaaaaay!

The absolute best webcomic ever is all about D&D with in jokes right from the first episode. The Order Of The Stick is about an adventuring party drawn as stick figures. If you haven't already read this it's a treat. The only bad thing about it is that it's a weekly so I save it for my weekend reading. It's by Rich Burlew.

And my new find is Gunnerkrigg Court. It's also in a school setting but so far not a rom com. Definitely fantasy and I'm not far enough into it to tell you much more. Except that I like it so far. Not sure of the publishing schedule but the art is great and it's drawn by Tom Siddell.

Please add your favorite webcomics in the comments. Especially if they are about gaming.


Tonight! Inspired Unreality open game chat. Initial topic will be splitting the party. Including how to split the party at And I have another topic we discussed at our Family Game Weekend. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you haven't been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invitation for you here.

Tabletop Bellhop discusses "The New Hotness, The Best Games of GenCon Spring Showcase. Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Episode 124."

Follow Me And die says "I made a YouTube video to go along with yesterday's blog post about Emulating Battle in Roll20."

ZDL posted a picture of some really heavy dice.

And I posted a couple of pics too.

Dabaw The Wizard casts spells with his eyes in the D&D room at during the Family Game Weekend.

Here's my icosahedron. It's part of my recording studio, acoustic room, vocal booth, out of control room. I'm going to make a sign that says Roll To Hit. A double double-entendre.

I'm still recuperating from our Family Game Weekend. But I'll be fine for Inspired Unreality. Come and chat. Post some pics. Share your creative endeavors.

Hairy Larry
Here it is the day after pi day and we already ate all the pie. Tell me I don't have pie in my face.

Better than that we have Inspired Unreality open game chat tonight at 9:00 Central. After a month of podcasts and actual play we might just chat tonight. Opening topic will be random encounters. Are they useful? Do you use them in your games? Can the characters even tell the difference between a random encounter and monsters that are scripted into the module?

Inspired Unreality happens every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern, on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invite for you here.

We had a good game last week with Ryan joining Viv and me and Alan presiding. Inspired Unreality open game chat continues with chat, games, and podcasts. It's what we do. I hope you can make it tonight so we can have a random encounter.

ZDL showed some dice that are actually gems.

I loved the 20 sider with hieroglyphs instead of numbers so I had to post my own Icosahedron. I know you've seen some large 20 siders. But probably not as large as this one.

Yes it was hard to build. But it's even harder to roll.

Anyway, while we're all getting icosahedral, show us your favorite 20 sider. We'll be happy to roll with it.

Hairy Larry

After a couple of fun chat sessions we are returning to Ember tonight for some more actual play. The Chronicles Of Ember is set in a unique role playing world. The game's author, Alan, will be our game master tonight.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invite for you here.

Ryan at Aqualith Media has posted a blog about his new website and his desire to collaborate with game creators.

Follow Me And Die has posted about his adventures in computer building. He is hoping that upgrading his system will help with editing his Youtube videos.

Into dice? Into dichroic prisms? ZDL says " These are dice cut from dichroic prisms." And she posted a picture of some very pretty dice.

Have you been noticing my fediverse address below? Have you heard of Mastodon, Friendica, or Pleroma? How about Funkwhale or Peertube? The fediverse is a decentralized social network made up of many people running many programs on their computers all cooperating so you can send and receive posts cross platform. Like email. Except social.

Visit my Friendica, social networking on the fediverse.

Hairy Larry



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