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Gamer+ News July 27, 2020

Tonight on Inspired Unreaity we will be discussing strategy and tactics.
Does your party set things up in advance of a conflict? Do you plan
escape routes? Have a plan B?

Inspired Unreality is open game chat held every Monday night at 9:00
Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.

Last Monday Megan, Vivian, and Larry enjoyed discussing "Warbreaker"
at the Related To Geeks Book Club. Although we all had
different problems with the book our shared opinion is "not Brandon
Sanderson's best." I'm already reading our book for next month,
"Armada" by Ernest Cline.

Please welcome Alan, the creator of The Chronicles Of Ember, a unique
role playing experience.

FollowMeAndDie reports "My YouTube channel passed 850 subscribers

Lately I've been enjoying #SixWordStories. Here's my six word SF story.

And then the sun went nova.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News July 20, 2020

Tonight at 9:00 PM Central the Related To Geeks Book Club will discuss
"Warbreaker" by Brandon Sanderson. The book is licensed Creative Commons
and can be legally downloaded here.

The Related To Geeks Book Club is part of our Inspired Unreality open
game chat held every Monday night in the gamerplus chatrooms at
Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern
there's an invite for you here.

Megan, Vivian, and I were joined by Alan of Chronicles Of Ember fame
last night at Inspired Unreality. We discussed the post apocalyptic
genre, literature and movies. We also spent a little time on podcast and
vlog production. Plus, of course, dad jokes and other miscellany.

FollowMeAndDie has a new blog post. He says "Today on the blog
I talk about my recent Point Crawl-Like Session Planning. This is my
blog's eleventh anniversary post!"

I've been doing some coding on one of my not game projects, MixRemix
Radio. If you want to listen:

Hairy Larry
Gamer+ News July 6, 2020

On Inspired Unreality tonight Vivian and I will be discussing the DnD
we know and love best, OSR before it was OSR. Sometimes before it was
even DnD. What can I say. We're old.

And next week, July 20, the Related To Geeks Book Club will discuss
"Warbreaker" by Brandon Sanderson. Follow the link to the Gamer+ Group
for the Related To Geeks Book Club where you can download this Creative
Commons licensed novel.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night at 9:00
Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.
Everyone is welcome. If you haven't been to Tenkar's Tavern there's an
invite for you here.

ZDL posted The best good luck charm EVAR!

Here's the Related To Geeks Podcast we did Monday night featuring Megan,
Vivian, and Larry discussing Murder Hobos and pre DnD roll playing in
Beebe, Arkansas.

FollowMeAndDie posted his new podcast, Episode 183 - My Campaign: The
Broken Lands.

And a big shout out to our new gamer, chuckdee, who posted our link on
Mastodon. If you use social media, have a blog or a website, please add
our link. ( Or even better post a link to your
profile. Like this.

Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News July 6, 2020

We will be hosting the Related To Geeks Podcast tonight at 9:00
Central on the Inspired Unreality open game chat held in the gamerplus
chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. The topic for tonight is
"Murder Hobos Are Boring - how to avoid see something, kill something,
...". Everyone is welcome to participate.

If you've never been to Tenkar's Tavern there's an invite for you on

Just scroll down until you see the Tenkar's Tavern graphic and the Join
Server link in the left hand column.

FollowMeAndDie posted an interesting blog about "My thoughts on RPGs,
Alignment, and Race."

ZDL posted some interesting trinkets in her Fun Toys photo album. I
like the Misadventure Awaits badge showing a 1 on a 20 sider.

I just posted the Related To Geeks Book Club on Anchor. We discussed
"The Ocean at the End of the Lane" by Neil Gaiman.

I hope to see you tonight on the Related To Geeks Podcast.

Hairy Larry

Creating your own magic items, spells, worlds
Inspired Unreality beginning topic

There are three levels where magic can be created
The writer of the game or of a module or setting for a game can create magic
This includes all the spells in the players handbook to a specific item created for a quest or module
DMs can create magic tailored to their table and their game
So instead of looking in a book for a magic item the DM can instead imagine a new magic item out of whole cloth
And, for me the most interesting is a player character creating magic during game play
So a dwarf can go to a forge and create a magic weapon that is needed to complete a quest
Or a wizard can occupy himself entirely with spell creation
The creation of magic by player characters is a little dance between the PC and the DM
The DM calling for dice rolls during the creation of the magic
And then, of course, the dice rolls to test the magic during play
Untested spells would have a lower reliability level so are more difficult to successfully deploy than tried and true spells
And the first time a wizard tries a new spell he better not roll a 1
Or he opens himself up to the DMs imagination as to what could possibly go wrong

Unfortunately it is not a guarantee that a die will comply with a
command not to land on a 1. Crossing fingers probably won't work

I think rolling 1s is more fun than rolling 20s

I'll try to remember that. Maybe I can wish into exsistence many 1s for
you to enjoy.

Is a wish a type of spell?

As a matter of fact. The problem is it's not reliable.

Meaning maybe it doesn't work at all. Or maybe it works but you don't
really get what you're wishing for
Or worst of all you do get what you wished for but it wasn't really what
you wanted (be careful what you wish for)


or perzackly - where's the spell check for imaginary words

LOL in your noggin.

for that we need a spelling spell

Hmmmm where's Webster at when you need him?

Djini's are magic creatures that grant wishes

OH? how many of your wishes have they granted?

If you tell your djinn that you wish you could spell better
you will find yourself spelling better correctly and mispelling every
other word
Better iz teh enema off gudnough

Go figure!

you get the idea


If wishes were horses beggars would ride

Only if they can saddle it, well maybe if they ride bareback and don't
fall off.

or is the wish for a horse and the tack

You mean presaddled and ready to go?

Wish is the mightiest spell a mortal creature can cast. By simply
speaking aloud, you can alter the very foundations of reality in accord
with your desires.


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