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Inspired Unreality! Open game chat. Saturday morning at 11:00 Central. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unrealiy is held in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Go here for more info and a link.

Next Saturday the topic will be fantasy and science fiction.

We had family game last Saturday with DM Carl, Courtney, Emily, Connor, Hairy Larry, and Vivian. I was having too much fun gaming with my grandkids to follow Vivian's lead into a much more creative ending. She was Clair the Cleric and she was converting the Spider Monsters. But we killed them first.

Not really my style. I find dice marathon combat boring but like I said I was right in there with the rest of the fighters. I do have to say the spiders had kidnapped the farmers son. They weren't really good spiders. But I need to pay closer attention to Vivian's lead. She comes up with the best stuff.

I'm back in school with three projects under way.

I am rehearsing for a jazz recital with five of my original songs. Bebop Beatniks at the Craighead Forest Bandshell. We will be livestreaming the band rehearsals and the performance plus videos and an album. At least that's the plan.

I wrote two woodwind quintet pieces last term and the Astate woodwind quintet, the Howling Winds, is going to play them. They have a bari sax instead of a bassoon so that will take a few adjustments.

We are working with the trombone studio this term as part of our composition lessons. I'm going to do an arrangement of "Bunnies" for a jazz band with a trombone front line.


Talking to Megan she told me many indie authors are doing audiobooks of their own work and posting them on Youtube. So I thought I could do that with my stories. I could even take some printouts along when we're Guerilla Livestreaming Scenic Northeast Arkansas and Guerilla Livestream some audiobooks.


What have you got in the oven? Inquiring minds want to know. My contact info is below or better yet post to Gamer+.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

Ok, change of plans. We will not be playing at Eclectic Geekery Saturday morning. Instead Inspired Unreality open game chat will take place, as usual, at 11:00 AM Central in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more info and a link go here.

So, Saturday morning in the best tradition of DMs everywhere, we're winging it. We may play. We may chat. We will be there. Come and join us if you can.

We are planning on resuming actual play at Eclectic Geekery and on the internet next month.

Sometimes you don't get to do things exactly the way you planned. But there is a silver lining. Our son, DM Carl, is coming to visit. We always have a good time visiting with his family and playing old school D&D. I even cleaned the back porch aka the family room aka the new twitch studio. So that will be great.

Later this weekend we'll have a big family gathering with DM Kier, DM Carl, and DM Hairy Larry all getting together with our families over at Gretchen's house. She's not a DM but both of her sons are. We've got a lot of DMs in our family.

I'd like to say that they're a chip off the old block except they were all DMing way before I took it up. I just love playing too much to want to be the DM. Actually it was creating the Milyagon locale and the Just Quest RPG system that led me to become a DM. And then that led me to Tobbins Shire and our current campaign.

Everyone's going to level up after solving the mystery of Mister Mistmeister. Not only did we save the shire from the mist we found a new home for the acorn people. I wrote this first Tobbins Shire quest up in a booklet including extremely cute acorn people artwork by Dubanci.

You can download the booklet pdf or view it flat at this link.

On the music front, school starts next week and I am already rehearsing for a jazz recital. I wrote two woodwind quintet pieces last term and I hope to get them played too. Stay tuned for links to the recordings.

Here I am practicing my recital repertoire, five original jazz songs.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry
Join us for open game chat on Inspired Unreality, Saturday morning at 11:00. This week it's bring your own topic, all gaming is on topic. Sometimes we write dice tables. Sometimes we just chat.

Next week we'll be adventuring in Tobbins Shire again at Eclectic Geekery in Walnut Ridge. This is a hybrid game played around the table and on the internet. Turns out the technical side of this may be easier than I thought. We shall see.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more information and a link go here.

Last week we discussed fantasy and science fiction, mostly fantasy. This week I've been reading Science Fiction, "The Calculating Stars" by Mary Robinette Kowal, winner of the Hugo and Nebula best novel awards in 2019. It's an alternate history based on space exploration and it is also an experiment in writing old school science fiction assuming that the novel is contemporaneous with the story. It's been very interesting and like all great science fiction it deals with a lot of difficult social questions concerning America then and now.

I continue working on "The Story Of Mister MistMeister And His Many Transformations" proofreading for typos and doing minor rewrites for clarity. Here's the link to the pdf files.

I timed it last night and it takes a half hour to read aloud. Great story with a lot of humor and you can clearly see the game behind the adventure.

Saturday NEA Gamers Guild is holding a library game day in Jonesboro and Sarah and Kier will be helping with that while Megan holds down the fort at Eclectic Geekery. I am looking forward to visiting with family both this Saturday and next when we'll take the drive to Walnut Ridge for more visiting and Just Quest.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

Saturday morning at 11:00 Central we will be chatting about Fantasy and Science Fiction on Inspired Unreality. And have I got stuff to talk about. I just finished a TOR Anthology of short stories. Now, for me, novels are too short. I need at least a trilogy to get excited. But I really liked this collection, Some Of The Best Of 2021.

And then they hit me with a free Brandon Sanderson Wayne and Wax novel, "The Alloy Of Law". And coming out in November, "The Lost Metal" will conclude the Wayne and Wax series.

Inspired Unreality is held every Saturday morning at 11:00 Central in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more info and a link go here.

I also want to mention that "The Sandman" by Neil Gaiman is on Netflix.

Vivian and I started our Tobbins Shire campaign in February and it was so much fun it turned into a monthly feature on Inspired Unreality. In May we moved our table to Eclectic Geekery while still maintaining our presence in the gamerplus chat rooms. And last month we finished our first story arc.

So I took all of the session summaries and background info and turned it into a 16 page booklet, "The Story Of Mister Mistmeister And His Many Transformations". It's a hoot!

Just today I added Acorn People illustrations by Dubanci. Here's his website.

And here's a link to the pdf files for the booklet and, if you can't print duplex or want to read online, to an 8 1/2 x 11 version.

Please share "The Story Of Mister Mistmeister And His Many Transformations" by forwarding this email to your gaming friends and sharing this link.

Hairy Larry

Delta Boogie Newsletter - August 2022 - Guerilla Livestreaming Craighead Forest Park

My grandson, Conley, joined me at Craighead Forest Park on July 13, 2022, to Guerilla Livestream Craighead Forest Lake. We played behind the bandshell with the lake behind us. We didn't get any ducks or geese swimming behind us but you can here them on the recording.

Thanks to Robin and Jerry for coming out to enjoy the music.

Since then I played two solo shows.

Hairy Larry Guerilla Livestreaming The Big Pines July 18, 2022

Hairy Larry Guerilla Livestreaming In The Sun July 26, 2022


The Story Of Mister Mistmeister And His Many Transformations

Starting last February Ari and Caper have been adventuring in Tobbins Shire, west of Milyagon, through Wilken Woods, and across the river. We've been campaigning once or twice a month, sometimes with more PCs, and in July we finished a story arc.

I turned all of the session summaries into a booklet that can be downloaded here.

My daughters, Sarah and Megan, have opened a books, games, and hobby store in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and the last three sessions were played at their store.

So it's been a good month for us in spite of the heat wave. I hope you've been staying cool and staying busy. Please let me know about your projects, music, and art.




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