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I started writing quests in the 80's with virtually no knowledge base except for the years spent as a lit major in college. I liked to zigzag through the quest with equal chances of mishaps or  triumph.  

It wasn't unusual for me to let the characters write parts of the quest as they were confronted with a new problem. For most encounters the die roll decided their fate. As we were mostly playing as a family group (and friends) their was always considerable amounts of discussion about the choices made.

As a teaching apparatus role playing was extremely beneficial. We often brought historic events, places and characters into the game. It also worked well for squeezing in math, science and art.

I've always felt that the primary goal of role playing was to become your character. This can be a difficult goal especially if you have chosen a character that is the antithesis of your own personality. If you are playing a rude self-indulgent character, but your personality is the exact opposite it may take an attitude adjustment to pull it off. 

I have a tendency to play characters who look before they leap, don't crawl out on the limb or take a drink out of the glass before knowing whats's in it. Whenever I think about changing any of that I am less than convinced I could pull it off. Still it might be a lark to try playing someone who is quick to jump into the fray. A character who is self-confident, impulsive and just a little over the top. 

I don't know that I'll make a character adjustment anytime soon. That being said nothing ventured......

Just as in your everyday life your character's skills are an essential part of game play. Learn how to use them to your advantage and to the group as a whole. Honing your skills and building on them is one sure way to kick it up a notch.
Living in worlds with dragons, unicorns, dwarves, giants, wizards, super heroes and evil villains. ...... requires a player to sink into his/her character and take on that character's persona. It's a skill that requires creativity, imagination and a willing suspension of disbelief. 

Therein lies the crux of the matter. 

May the Schwartz be with you.


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