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Nov 12 '20
I put up a Facebook page for related to geeks.
Jun 16 '20
I added all the links from the original Related To Geeks site to Gamer+. So now we gots lots of good links.
Oct 5 '19
I'm going to combine these posts into a help blog post. Thanks.
Oct 5 '19
Your profile is your page where people find out about you. The Dashboard has fewer posts than Main. I think it's mostly your friends or people you follow. Main shows a lot more posts and it also has a left column where it shows recent activity in other areas of Gamer+ like Photos, Videos, Groups, Events.Your profile is your page where people find out about you. The Dashboard has fewer posts than Main. I think it's mostly your friends or people you follow. Main shows a lot more posts and it also has a...See more
Oct 5 '19
Newsfeed posts have the header NEWSFEED above them. They have replies and likes. So its a little bit more like facebook. Newsfeed posts can be made from a profile, the dashboard, or main.
Oct 5 '19
We're on the RelatedToGeeks wall right now. On a wall there are no replies or likes. Everything on the wall just continues from what was entered on the wall before.
Oct 4 '19
I don't know how to post to a wall instead of a newsfeed (nor the distinction). I don't know how to reply to anything directly. I'm not sure which of "Dashboard", "Main", etc. do what. I'm finding this very bewildering. I mean not BGG-bewildering, but still very confusing.I don't know how to post to a wall instead of a newsfeed (nor the distinction). I don't know how to reply to anything directly. I'm not sure which of "Dashboard", "Main", etc. do w...See more
Oct 4 '19
I am AKA hairylarry, the webmaster. Please let me know anything you find confusing. I try to fix things.
Oct 4 '19
Well, I think the wall comments don't have replies. Just one long thread.
Oct 4 '19
You're not the only one confused by the interface. :-/
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Related To Geeks Podcast - I Am The Uber Geek

Relatee To Geeks Tumblr

  • This Related To Geeks Podcast, was recorded July 6, 2020 on the Monday night Inspired Unreality open game chat held at Tenkar’s Tavern on Discord. For more about our geeky family visit For more information about Inspired Unreality join Gamer+, a social network for gamers, at

    The music for this show is “Sneakin’ Round” by Hairy Larry from the “Blues For Peace” CD.

    Episode art is by LadyOfHats.

    Yesterday, 04:17PM
  • From The Archive January 17, 2021 – Delta Legends – “All Over Again”:


    Thanks Marty, I’ve got a great blues song this week performed live at the Fall Ball by Delta Legends.

    On September 30, 2017 Delta Legends took a road trip down to the Mississippi Hill Country to play at the Fall Ball. We originally booked to busk on Saturday morning but they offered us a slot early Saturday afternoon so we got to play that too. “All Over Again” is a blues standard made famous by B.B. King and Paul Butterfield. It’s one of our best songs and inspired by the festival stage we nailed it.

    And, about that busking Saturday morning. We recorded that too and those songs are included on our CD, “Two Woman Blues”. It was a very productive day.

    Now here’s Delta Legends playing “All Over Again”.


    And that’s “All Over Again” played by Delta Legends on September 30, 2017 at the Fall Ball in Mississippi.

    Tune in to Something Blue Saturday night at 10:00 to hear the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Neal Francis, and Delta Legends.

    This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’re featuring the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Neal Francis, and Delta Legends. For more about the show visit the Something Blue website at

    Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00 PM CST, at

    via Something Blue
    Yesterday, 04:09PM

  • dungeonmapster:

    Downloads here

    When I requested your feedback last month, I had no idea how large of an appetite there was from people in the tabletop community for assets diverging from the classic “Medieval Fantasy” architecture and settings, and I’ve had a great time browsing and populating my imagination with a variety of interesting Eastern, Middle-Eastern, Saharan, Jungle, and other locales that have a rich variety of architecture, terrain, and weather, and as a result, I’ve come up with a few things this month that I feel everyone will enjoy adding to their map arsenal.

    As always, feedback and requests are appreciated. Thanks so much for your support, and let’s all look forward to the coming year!

    Yesterday, 04:06PM
  • Alright, I’d love to do a single adventure prompt about this (expect atleast one next week) but I think your question deserves a broader, systematic answer… on that note…



    I think we can all agree that of all the fantasy aesthetic tropes, airships fucking slap. Whether Practical dirigibles, fantastical floating galleons, or some other mad form of conveyance, there’s just something about taking some improbable platform and soaring it through the sky that trickles the part of our brain that feels wonder, no matter how jaded any of us may be. 

    That said, actually RUNNING a game that has airships as more than just a niche conveyance can pose a lot of challenges to us as DMs, including: 

    1. Upending the traveling/camping/exploration dynamic that most early games are built around, as the party can now fly directly to their destination.  
    2. The scale and speed at which airships travel forces you to worldbuild on a much larger scale than you may be prepared for. Since the party can decide to hop in their vessel and “fast travel” anywhere on the campaign map. 
    3. If something goes wrong with the ship mid air( like taking too much damage during an encounter, or if its destroyed by the machinations of your villain), your party has pretty much one option: fall to their death. A nerve-wracking question of balance when your party has their hearts set on daredevil areal  combat. 
    4. Just how much mechanical crunch do you attach to operating this ship? Too much and you make it an extra level of busywork and alienate your players, too little and the ship just becomes a shortcut they can use to solve their problems, and disappoints those players who were really excited about leaning into their roles as airship crew. 
    5. Just how common are airships? Anything more than wonderous rarities and you’re going to have to start making big considerations in your worldbuilding about how the nations of the world deal with one another, trade with one another, and defend themselves against aerial fleets and rogue vessels. 
    6. “dungeon delving” becomes a lot easier when you can roll up to the ruin with a hold full of supplies and sail back to town whenever you want. This is to say nothing of shelling the villain’s haunted fortress from 600ft+ in the air while their evil minions take potshots at you with arrows.  

    These are all considerations when introducing airships in your campaign, to be weighed against the inherent awesomeness of the trope. I learned most if not all of these when in my very first “serious” d&d campaign I introduced the idea of airships, and the 1st level party decided to completely ignore my adventure and beeline for the nearest skydock to perform their initial act of piracy.  They wanted an airship, and they were damned if they weren’t going to get it. The siren song of skyward adventure was so strong that it motivated a group of shy and otherwise disogonized nerds into a force that completely bowled me over and had me stressing out for MONTHS about how to construct a campaign around something I’d only ever considered as an end game touchstone. 

    I’ve improved quite a lot in the years since that campaign, to the point where I think I’ve got a good handle on how to handle the leap from a previously terrestrial campaign to one of high-flying adventure.   Lets address all these issues under the cut, and then get on to some actual adventure ideas!

    Keep reading

    Yesterday, 04:04PM

  • drmapzo:

    Patreon Supported Map!

    Hello, everyone!

    For this map I wanted to make something that would take some skill checks involved in combat, so I settled on some bridges that may or may not collapse while trying to cross them. On the central island there’s also a big hole covered with some planks that leads to… well, I’ll let you guys fill out the details. And let’s not forget the mysterious looking tree that some travelers say contain some strange magical properties.

    I hope you enjoy the map!

    If you like my maps, please consider supporting me on Patreon where you can get gridless versions, alternate versions, and the tokens pertaining to the maps, thank you.

    Yesterday, 10:31AM

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